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Ultimate Parking Management LLC (UPM) is a Detroit based company dedicated to providing professional parking services in the Metropolitan Detroit area and beyond. The executive staff of UPM has accumulated more than 60 years of collective experience in parking and building management services while bringing a hospitality-based approach to the parking industry.

Located in suite 1150 of the 1001 Woodward Building in Detroit, Michigan, we employ 80+ associates in a variety of staff positions and capacities, including union and non-union hourly, on-call and both salaried/non-salaried management personnel.



Our team is passionate about Detroit, and we are dedicated to improving the profitability, service, and security of your parking assets as a part of this effort. We have managed some of Detroit’s largest and most centrally-located parking garages over the past several years, most notably the 1001 Brush Street Garage, Two Detroit Center Garage, Compuware Garage, Port Atwater Garage, First Street Garage and the Z Deck. Through our partnership with our clients, we successfully service over 16,000 parking spaces within Detroit’s Central Business District.

Our goal is to see each facility we operate maintain success in being a premier facility of its type. We know that such success can be achieved when the residents and patrons of the facility recognize it through the manner in which they are served and the ease with which they can complete their business and leisure activities. We assure you, no one will work harder than UPM in the pursuit of this goal!

We provide a wide range of services including all aspects of monthly parking administration, visitor parking, public parking, shuttle services as well as landscaping, maintenance, and project management for our clients.

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